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Psychological Coach - Ingmar Hansch

ibiza psychotherapy, Ibiza psychotherapie "Most of us know similar situations." An accident or the loss of a loved one, whether animal or human. Life is not always easy and with the worries and thoughts we are often alone. Friends, lovers and close relatives indeed help, but often do not have the space to look at the problematic situation neutral or even endure the suffering of the whole process.

Often these traumas, without proper treatment, create a resistant to remedy and bring a variety of other problems with it, which complicate the lives and thereby reinforce the suffering.

In the technical language it's called "Posttraumatic stress disorder". But also depression, anxiety attacks, phobias, compulsions, and psychosomatic disorders can be treated so that they do not destroy the persons live and that of others.

Ibiza coach

This is an image Empathy, openness and compassion are an important part of any successful treatment. These properties are to me, due to my musical education, very familiar.

The "client" is a professional in his "suffering" and together we can develop new perspectives, and find approaches to solutions of the problems.

Each treatment is individually choosen together with the client to his specific needs. You can find out more at "What I can offer".

Motivation is the key for change. Ibiza


Born in 1971, I finished high school at Overhagen and studied at the university Cologne mathematics, English and economic. After that I worked several years as an music engineer for Logic Records Frankfurt. In 2002 I founded the music labels' Movin Sounds Ibiza " and in 2004 together with partners the environmental orientated Music Platform" Greenheart Music ".

During my studies in Cologne I worked for several television stations as a script / continuity and a production manager.

From 2010 on, I decided for further education at the Hamburg academy for psychology and obtained in 2012 the approval by the German health authorities to exercise the profession of a psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker).

Since 2013 I am working as a cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapist on Ibiza, specilised in EMDR and music therapy... read more ...

I am happily married and have a daughter.

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